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Fashion Blogger Policy
1. Requirements
You must have a fashion blog with more than 1000 followers. Or have at least 5000 followers related to fashion trends on one of your other social platforms.

2. Add the promotion icon to your blog
As soon as you become one of our established fashion critics, we need you to place our promotional icons on the front of your blog's homepage, where they will link to each category page.

3. Please share your thoughts on our clothing through your social networks
We will send you some samples of new arrivals or just give you some high resolution photos. You should take some photos and share your opinion about our clothes. The most important step is to post them to your blog, LookBook, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Before posting photos, comments and reviews Please send an email toservice@mail.AnneNeville.comGet Keywords. And be sure to add a link to the product page or a link to the home page (www.

In return, you may receive a sample of new arrivals or a generic coupon.

4. After posting photos and comments, please send us an email
Note: Since different countries may have different tariff policies, we cannot estimate your import duties. anneneville will try to arrange the right logistics for our bloggers to avoid customer liability. Any questions about your package, please let us know in the first instance.

may use your photos in promotional materials We may collect photos and comments from your blog. Sometimes, we may use content from our blog or Facebook page. If available, we will also link back to your blog to show the source of the image. If you do not agree, please let us know in advance.

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